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Southwest Cash For Cars will give you cash for your junk car! Sell your used car to us, and get more money. Why not get the money you deserve for your junk car. We are experts at extracting value from junk and used cars, and have perfected our business over the last 10 years. When you sell your car directly to Southwest Cash For Cars San Diego you can be sure you will get the most money for your car than any Southern California junk car buyer or Southern California car donation charity can offer you. Do you ask yourself, where can I junk my car in San Diego? Look no further, we’re here to get you cash fast.

Southwest Cash For Cars offers fast and convenient pickups 7 days a week
We can schedule a convenient pickup for your Junk Car anywhere in Southern California. We offer fast Junk car removal 7 days a week in all Southern California areas.We will salvage everything we can, and recycle the rest so that your car is not just another junk car, but a car that has lived to it’s potential. A car that you can be proud was salvaged and recycled to make the world a better place.

Why should you use our services to sell your car for cash?

  • I needed money fast.
  • After appraisal and acceptance, we can have cash in your hand in as little as 30 min. It’s that simple.
  • My car just wasn’t useful anymore.
  • When you don’t use it, it’s better to lose it. Let us take care of the dirty work and pay you for the pleasure.
  • I wanted to try something new.
  • If you’ve had the same car for years, it’s probably time to move on. You might as well do so with some extra cash in hand.
  • My family is moving, and I needed to get rid of our car quickly.
  • Don’t let the process of selling a car add to the stress of a major move. Southwest Cash for Cars can take your vehicle and provide you with additional funds for your new digs.
  • I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling on my own.
  • We don’t blame you. When you work with us, we can provide competing cash offers within a matter of 48 hours. You’ll barely have to lift a finger.
  • This junk car has been taking up space for years.
  • It’s become a fixture in your garage, but imagine what you could do — and what you could buy — with the extra space and money.
  • I wanted to raise some money for charity.
  • This one might seem surprising, but we’ve heard it more than once. If you have a junk car hanging out in your garage, selling it for cash can be a great way to raise funds for a personal cause.
  • I wanted to make sure my junk car was recycled.
  • We’re on it. When you sell your junk car with us, we’ll salvage what we can and recycle everything else. That’s our green-for-green promise.

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Selling your junk car is quick and easy! The entire process is as easy as “1-2-3”:

  1. Call or fillout the online quote form to the right & someone will contact you shortly afterwards.
  2. Once you accept the quote, simply let us know when and where to pickup the car.
  3. We’ll pickup the car and pay you on the spot, at your convenience. It’s that simple!

We accept all years, makes and models in any condition. Let Southwest Cash For Cars Pay You Top Dollar.

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We are one of the nations most reliable junk car services offered! With San Diego vehicle removal services as well as Orange County vehicle removal services!

Our employees are curteous and friendly. If you would like a quote, we can assist you promptly – just call us or use our online contact form

Damaged Vehicles

If your vehicle is damaged and not drivable, we will still take it if it is in recyclable condition.

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